Sergeant Dan Klump

Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Police



 Sergeant Dan Klump has served with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Police for 13 years and is stationed in Wenatchee. The first half of his career he was stationed in Westport where he obtained a USCG 100 ton Masters License which he keeps current. Sergeant Klump is involved in several marine related trainings such as a vessel instructor, swiftwater rescue instructor, ice rescue instructor, and BUI instructor since 2008. Sergeant Klump is developing an advanced BUI training program to enhance officer’s ability to detect vessel operators under the influence. With Washington State’s new marijuana laws this training includes bringing in volunteers who are high on marijuana into a green-lab where officers evaluate a subject under the influence and specialize in writing a blood search warrant. Sergeant Klump is also organizing BUI emphasis patrols around the state to bring awareness toward BUI type patrols and work through tough logistics that BUI enforcement presents.