Welcome to the 6th Annual Maritime Security West

The 6th Annual Maritime Security West is the sixth installment in the Maritime Security West program series. As the twenty-fifth maritime security program hosted by Homeland Security Outlook since 2011, Maritime Security West furthers a commitment to address the needs of federal, state and local agencies, law enforcement, and military to counter the challenges of securing coastlines, inland waterways, ports and critical infrastructure.


Workshops & Conference


The program will be conducted in three concurrent series of workshops, panels, and speaker sessions. This format will provide all participants the opportunity to learn and collaborate in an educational and interactive setting. In addition to the workshops, general sessions will occur throughout the program that will consist of keynote presenters addressing critical issues pertaining to all maritime security stakeholders.


  • Drug and Migration Interdiction
  • Port Security
  • Coastal Surveillance
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Cyber Security




Products & Solutions exhibition

Maritime Security 2018 West will showcase products, technologies and services that will support and enhance maritime security. The exhibition will consist of 30 companies that have highly relevant solutions and past performances in securing the maritime domain.




With a marina steps away from the conference hall, we are offer our Exhibitors and partner agencies the ability to demonstrate their technologies and vessels in the marine environment.  The demonstration will take place on the afternoon of August 26th.